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Jing An Buddhist Temple of Flushing is a Buddhist temple conveniently located in New York City, North America. It is a place where ancestors' ashes can be laid to rest, ancestors can be honored, eternal blessing lamps can be lit, and prayers can be made for increased health and wealth.


1st Floor 一樓 【牡丹堂】

靜安寺一樓冠名“牡丹堂”,寺廟的接待和服務台在大堂入口的右側。進入寺院大門向內走,穿過 "雲屏 "就是寺院的正殿。三尊金光閃閃的大佛正對著大門,寓意佛光普照。兩側的區域是放置先人靈灰壽盒的地方。

On the first floor of Jing An Temple, the temple reception and service desk is on the right side of the lobby entrance. As you enter the temple gate and walk inward through the "cloud screen", you will find the main hall of the temple. Three gleaming golden Buddhas face the front door, signifying the Buddha's universal light. The area on either side is where the urns of the deceased are placed.

2nd Floor 二樓 【春蘭閣】


The second floor of Jing An Temple, named "Spring Orchid Pavilion," has two areas: an indoor area and an outdoor area. In the center of the indoor area, there is a white jade statue of Buddha sitting in meditation under a strong pine tree, with ash urns surrounding the statue in all directions.
The outdoor balcony area is dedicated to a golden stove, altar and rest area. It is convenient for relatives and friends to worship, burn incense and offer paper money, while resting and breathing fresh air outdoors.

3rd Floor 三樓 【梅花園】


The third floor of Jing An Temple is named "Plum Blossom Garden", and the central area is dedicated to a realistic 'Bodhisattva Ksitigarbh' to invoke the Bodhisattva's virtue and compassion to transcend all sentient beings, eliminate the world's karmic obstacles, leave suffering and be reborn in the Pure Land and go to the Land of Ultimate Bliss.

Top Floor 頂樓 【觀蓮臺】


The fourth floor is named "Guanyin Terrace" and the central area is the most iconic floor of Jing An Temple! The high ceiling is decorated with a giant 'lotus lamp',  and a statue of Avalokiteshvara stands in the lotus pond in the center, with the flowing water and lotus flowers blooming on the surface of the pond under her feet.

Cellar 樓下 【聚福祠】


The downstairs of Jing An Temple, called the "Ancestral Hall of Joy", is where the urns and ancestral tablets are placed. The spacious central area is reserved for Buddhist masters to hold birthday and ritual ceremonies for the Buddha. While the priests can provide superintendence services for the deceased, they also hold regular Buddhist lectures for the faithful, thus promoting the concept of Buddhism and traditional Chinese culture.


Our advantages combines the following three points 我們的優勢綜合了以下三點

Best Location

Jing'an Buddist Temple of Flushing is conveniently located in the center of New York City. Family members can worship ancestors at any time.


Unique Design
Great Choice

What makes the temple a great choice is that everything within the temple, from the Buddha statues to urns, was uniquely designed by famous designers.  


Blessing to all

We have the most comprehensive after-sales service, such as providing Buddhist masters perform supernatural and blessing activities.  


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